Lincoln’s Travels Episode 7 (Extra Long)

Hey. Sorry, I haven’t posted Lincoln’s Travels in awhile ūüė¶¬† I hope you enjoy!

Hey,¬†Guys! Right now I’m flying to London! With a special guest…everyone seemed to love her in the last episode so the producer decided she can stay.

img_5148 I was thrilled when I heard the news! She is my wife after all.


This is the next morning cause we got here very late. The place we are staying at is so big! And how do you like my new haircut?

Infiniti: Have you washed the forks and knives yet? Breakfast is almost ready.

Lincoln: Just finished! What are we having?

Infiniti: Your favorite!

Lincoln: Waffles?

Infiniti: No, pizza!

Lincoln: Oh! My second favorite!


Lincoln: Mmm! That was a great breakfast. Thank you, Honey.

Infiniti: You’re welcome.

Infiniti: Did you have my purse?

Lincoln: Oh! Almost forgot!

Infiniti: Did you get my wallet?

Lincoln: Check.

Infiniti:¬†Then we’re¬†of to¬†Big Ben!


Infiniti: Thank you.

Driver: My pleasure.

Infiniti: I’m so excited!

Lincoln: Me too!



Infiniti and Lincoln: Bye big house we stayed in!



Driver: We’re here! I’ll¬†wait here till you’re done!

Lincoln: Ok, thanks!

Lincoln: Wow! It’s so big!

Infiniti: I know! Let’s take some pictures!

Lincoln: Sounds good!



Infiniti: Ooh! I have a feeling this one is going to look great! I wonder how you climb¬†this thing…

Lincoln: Uh, Big Ben is pretty tall.


Lincoln: Be careful!

Infiniti: I know! I just want to see the view!


Infiniti: Look at me America and other parts of the world I’m on the tippetey top! The view is amazing! Oh no! Help!


Infiniti: Lincoln!!!! Help!!

Lincoln: Don’t just stand there camera crew do something

Camera crew: This wasn’t in our contract and we’re holding heavy cameras. Sorry. But you can try to catch her! It would make the episode more dramatic!

Lincoln: Great idea! I’m coming, Honey!


Infiniti: (squeezes eyes while hyperventilating).

Lincoln: Gotcha!

Infiniti: Thank you!¬†I’m never climbing land marks again!

Lincoln: Neither am I! We better check into the B&B (that also serves dinner) now.

Infiniti: Yes, I’m starving!


Infiniti: What a cute little place!

Lincoln: I couldn’t agree more!


Lincoln & Infiniti: Thank you, Driver!

Driver: No problem! Bye, Folks!


Infiniti: This is a really nice room!

Lincoln: This king bed is soooo comfy and the TV is huge!

Infiniti: Let’s get changed now so we can go eat!

Lincoln: Yes, I’m hungry!


Waiter: Here’s your Medium Pizza with ground beef and basil. Do you need anything else?

Lincoln: Thank you! And uh…..I don’t thi-

Infiniti: Napkins, please!

Waiter: Ok.

Infiniti: HMMM! This is so good! I love pizza…

Lincoln: I know! Me too!

Waiter: Would you like any dessert?

Lincoln & Infiniti: Two cookies, please!

Waiter: Comin’ right up!


Infiniti: I love travelling with you! I can’t believe we only have one or two¬†more episodes though!

Lincoln: I know. It’s so sad! Maybe, we can start a new series?

Infiniti: We should! But what it be about?

Lincoln: Let’s ask the viewers!

Infiniti: Great idea!


Lincoln: Viewers, tell us in the comments down below what new series you’d like to see! And Bye!

Infiniti: Next week we’re going to Australia to¬†the Sydney Opera House! Bye!


Thank you for reading! Tell me in the comments down below what’s your favorite episode so far and a new series idea.






The new Architecture Legos!

How’s it going guys? Today I’m going to show you my favorite Architecture Legos!

(None of these images are mine. Credit to whoever owns them.)  

Image result for lego architecture trevi

Here’s the first one! It’s called Lego Trevi Fountain. I use Architecture Legos for Lincoln’s Travels.¬†It is priced at¬†$49.99, and it¬†has 730 pieces. The real one is located in Rome, Italy.

Image result for lego architecture louvre

Located in Paris, France the Lego Louvre(pronounced :loov). It’s¬†got 695 pieces, and listed for $59.99. I don’t know why¬†the price¬†is higher than other Architecture Legos.¬†Perhaps, it has rare Lego pieces.

Image result for lego buckingham palace  

The next one is Lego Buckingham Palace. I think you get your moneys worth. The Lego is the same price as Trevi Fountain. This set has 780 pieces, and it has a miniature London bus, and a British taxi cab.

Image result for lego 21022

In Washington D.C the Lego Lincoln memorial has 274 pieces.¬†It’s price is $29.99.¬†You can also look inside of it too!

Image result for lego 21022 instructions

Here’s the inside..¬†Look at Abraham Lincoln!(Kiki says¬†this Lego¬†looks like a tomb, and that Abe looks like a ghost :p).

Well I this is the end of my list! I hope you enjoyed my post.