What cars I want Lego Speed Champions to make!

Hey guys! Its Chance here 🙂 Today, I’m going to show you what cars I want Lego Speed Champions to make. Lets get started!  ( None of these images are mine. Credit to whoever owns them.)

1. The 2018 Dodge Charger SRT8 and the 2018 Dodge challenger. I like the Dodge Charger and the Dodge challenger because Lego has not done a Dodge set before. I think it would be nice together in a set because they are both fast and racing vehicles. The colors I would choose for them are purple or a electric blue. (But the orange is also nice ;).)

2. The 2017 Mercedes Benz G Class G 63 and the Mercedes 6×6. They are both unique because for one, you don’t really see a 6×6 on the highway much and you don’t really see a color like that on the G Class. I would like this to be a set because I like something different than racing cars. I want another set like the Ford Raptor. And because I really like the Mercedes G Class. But for the color of the Mercedes G Class I like a maroon color.    img_6489-1

3. The last one is a 1964 classic Ford Mustang. The car is a really nice because the color looks fabulous and the style is nice. If Lego made a 2017 Mustang I think they should keep it classic. Color wise, I think the red looks really good on it. Like a maroon or burgundy with a possible pinstripe.

So, I hope you enjoyed this post and what would you like to see on my blog? Leave them in the comments down below.

Until next time,                                              img_4598




A dream come true

Hey guys. A couple of weeks ago I got a Lego that I’ve had my eye on for awhile. And it is .…………….……… …….………….                  

the Lego Speed Champions Ford F-150 Raptor & model A hot rod. Here are some pictures of the finished product.    

There are 4 mini figures driver, Mechanic, hot rod driver, and the Raptor driver. My favorite characters are the hot rod driver and the mechanic. The mechanic has a blowtorch and really cool helmet.       

Front of the box.   

Back of the box. Now let’s look at the sweet looking raptor.    

The tailgate actually opens. 

I tweaked it a little and now it can fit everybody. (Only when you take of the arms😉)      

Here it is next to the real one. I think it’s a great resemblance but only if the grill was black. 😢 Lets go on to the hot rod.   

Here is the inside of the hot rod. Only seats one though.     

The trailer can fit more than the hot rod. It can actually hold the the mustang that I have.😊 Yay! Now let’s go to the workshop area.

The accessories that are in this set are a engine piece,cart,engine lift stand, light stand, and a trophy.  

That minifigure that was the ford raptor driver that was the wrong face so here’s the real face for it.

Here it is on display.

That’s it! I hope you liked this post. What’s your favorite car or figure.🤔 Leave it in the comments down below! 


P.S How do you like my sign off. My sister made it. She did a really good job. Didn’t she? Also my favorite is the Raptor. 😉

This or That?

How are you doing guys? Today we’re playing a fun game. It’s called This or That. It’s where you look at the picture and you get to decide which one you like better. Let’s get started!     

     (None of these images are mine. Credit to whoever owns them)

The Atv race team or the Service truck?

The Pizza van or the Police pursuit?  

The Prison island or the Airport vip service?    

The Sweeper & excavator or The Volcano exploitation truck?   

The Airport cargo plane or Police starter set? Only you can decide.  

I hope you enjoyed this fun post from your Lego fan.   


My 3 favorite Star Wars Legos

Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you my 3 favorite Starwars Legos.

  (None of these images are mine. Credit to whoever owns them) 

Image result for lego star wars poe's x wing

This is the first one. It’s called Poe’s X-Wing Fighter it’s $79.99 dollars, It also has 717 pieces. I think it’s very overpriced for what you get. I like this Lego because it has a lot of accessories.


Image result for lego resistance x wing

This is the second one. It is called The Resistance X-wing Fighter. It’s the same price as Poe’s x-wing fighter. This Lego has more pieces than Poe’s X-wing, It has 740 and the other one only had 717. I kind of prefer this one better because I like the color and, I prefer the accessories.


Image result for lego star wars 75138

Last but not least, it’s called The Lego Hoth Attack. It has 233 pieces, and the price is $24.99. It has a imperial prob droid which is that weird robot. It comes with 3 guns, 2 lasers, and 3 characters.

I hoped you enjoyed my post. Until next time.