Lincoln’s Travels Episode 7 (Extra Long)

Hey. Sorry, I haven’t posted Lincoln’s Travels in awhile ūüė¶¬† I hope you enjoy!

Hey,¬†Guys! Right now I’m flying to London! With a special guest…everyone seemed to love her in the last episode so the producer decided she can stay.

img_5148 I was thrilled when I heard the news! She is my wife after all.


This is the next morning cause we got here very late. The place we are staying at is so big! And how do you like my new haircut?

Infiniti: Have you washed the forks and knives yet? Breakfast is almost ready.

Lincoln: Just finished! What are we having?

Infiniti: Your favorite!

Lincoln: Waffles?

Infiniti: No, pizza!

Lincoln: Oh! My second favorite!


Lincoln: Mmm! That was a great breakfast. Thank you, Honey.

Infiniti: You’re welcome.

Infiniti: Did you have my purse?

Lincoln: Oh! Almost forgot!

Infiniti: Did you get my wallet?

Lincoln: Check.

Infiniti:¬†Then we’re¬†of to¬†Big Ben!


Infiniti: Thank you.

Driver: My pleasure.

Infiniti: I’m so excited!

Lincoln: Me too!



Infiniti and Lincoln: Bye big house we stayed in!



Driver: We’re here! I’ll¬†wait here till you’re done!

Lincoln: Ok, thanks!

Lincoln: Wow! It’s so big!

Infiniti: I know! Let’s take some pictures!

Lincoln: Sounds good!



Infiniti: Ooh! I have a feeling this one is going to look great! I wonder how you climb¬†this thing…

Lincoln: Uh, Big Ben is pretty tall.


Lincoln: Be careful!

Infiniti: I know! I just want to see the view!


Infiniti: Look at me America and other parts of the world I’m on the tippetey top! The view is amazing! Oh no! Help!


Infiniti: Lincoln!!!! Help!!

Lincoln: Don’t just stand there camera crew do something

Camera crew: This wasn’t in our contract and we’re holding heavy cameras. Sorry. But you can try to catch her! It would make the episode more dramatic!

Lincoln: Great idea! I’m coming, Honey!


Infiniti: (squeezes eyes while hyperventilating).

Lincoln: Gotcha!

Infiniti: Thank you!¬†I’m never climbing land marks again!

Lincoln: Neither am I! We better check into the B&B (that also serves dinner) now.

Infiniti: Yes, I’m starving!


Infiniti: What a cute little place!

Lincoln: I couldn’t agree more!


Lincoln & Infiniti: Thank you, Driver!

Driver: No problem! Bye, Folks!


Infiniti: This is a really nice room!

Lincoln: This king bed is soooo comfy and the TV is huge!

Infiniti: Let’s get changed now so we can go eat!

Lincoln: Yes, I’m hungry!


Waiter: Here’s your Medium Pizza with ground beef and basil. Do you need anything else?

Lincoln: Thank you! And uh…..I don’t thi-

Infiniti: Napkins, please!

Waiter: Ok.

Infiniti: HMMM! This is so good! I love pizza…

Lincoln: I know! Me too!

Waiter: Would you like any dessert?

Lincoln & Infiniti: Two cookies, please!

Waiter: Comin’ right up!


Infiniti: I love travelling with you! I can’t believe we only have one or two¬†more episodes though!

Lincoln: I know. It’s so sad! Maybe, we can start a new series?

Infiniti: We should! But what it be about?

Lincoln: Let’s ask the viewers!

Infiniti: Great idea!


Lincoln: Viewers, tell us in the comments down below what new series you’d like to see! And Bye!

Infiniti: Next week we’re going to Australia to¬†the Sydney Opera House! Bye!


Thank you for reading! Tell me in the comments down below what’s your favorite episode so far and a new series idea.






Lincoln’s travels Episode 6 (Extra long)

Hey guys. Sorry, I haven’t been posting Lincoln’s travels in a while. But here it is I hope you enjoy.

Hey guys. I’m on the highway going to Seattle right now. I crashed my mustang a couple weeks ago(a old woman just walked into the middle of the road. So, to avoid her I hit a tree ).¬†Anyway, I got a new car. I¬†also¬†have a¬†special¬†guest¬†with me, and that¬†is my wife named Infiniti.

img_1628She’s the lovely lady next to me. We’re on our way to a cupcake shop before we see the needle. I wish there wasn’t any traffic cause I’m starving!


Lincoln: This place looks pretty nice for being top cupcakery¬†in the country. Very colorful, don’t ya think, Infiniti?

Infiniti: Yes but not in a bad way.


Infiniti: I’m going to have a¬†caramel cupcake and vanilla chai tea, please.

Lincoln: And I will have a chocolate chip cookie and hot chocolate, please.

img_1623Lincoln: mmm. The hot chocolate is delicious.

Infiniti: So is the chai.

Baker: caramel cupcake?

Infiniti: Right here.

Baker: Chocolate chip cookie?

Lincoln: Right here.

Chef: Enjoy.

Infiniti & Lincoln: Thank you!

img_1622Infiniti: This caramel cupcake is delicious.

Lincoln: So is the chocolate chip¬†cookie. It’s time to get going, honey. We¬†have a date with the Seattle space needle.

Infiniti: Ok, babe!

img_1619Lincoln: Are you ready?

Infiniti: totally!

img_1620 Lincoln: Seattle space needle here we come.

Infiniti: Yay! I can’t wait.

Lincoln: Me neither.


Lincoln: We’re here finally.

Infiniti: I know! I can’t wait!

img_1618 Infiniti: The Seattle space needle is huge!

Lincoln: It is. How about we go on top of the Seattle space needle?

Infiniti: Is that legal?

Lincoln: Sure it is! I did it on the Leaning tower of Pisa(Remember?)

Infiniti: Ok…


Lincoln: I can see everything from up here! Even the¬†police officer who’s¬†vigorously waving!

Infiniti: Hon, I think it’s time to go down. Even though the view is magnificent!

Lincoln: Let’s take a selfie before we leave!

Infiniti: What a great idea!

img_1616Lincoln: Say ‘Cheese”.

Lincoln & Infiniti: Cheese!

Lincoln: The picture turned out great! But now it’s time to say Good bye.

Infiniti: I know. This trip has been great so far. Thanks, for bringing me with you.

Lincoln: I should be thanking you you’ve made it fun! Sorry camera crew!

Camera crew: It’s ok!

Lincoln: I really loved this trip but of course the best part is that I got to spend time with you.

Infiniti: Aww, Thank you.

Lincoln: You’re very welcome .


Next week I’m going to Big ben. See you later. What kind of new car that Lincoln got and what was that black thing ? Leave in the comments down below. Until next time.




Lincoln’s travels Episode 5

Hey guys! I’m back in the USA. Home sweet home! ¬†I’m on my way to Broken bow Oklahoma. I hear it’s beautiful for camping.


Just drove in. Now¬†I’m¬†going to¬†park, and then¬†get some fresh air.


Ahhhh fresh air! Oh, I forgot to get my luggage out. I better go do that before it gets to dark.


Man, I crammed this stuff in!  This might take awhile, Guys. Whew, finally got it out.

image¬† Those hamburgers I made for dinner were delicious! Hmm…I unloaded everything. Check. Ate dinner. Check. Now what? Go to sleep? No, it’s just evening.

image¬†Wait a minute. What’s¬†that?!? It’s a wolf pack!


Gggggrrr! ruff ruff!


Aaaaahhhhh! I’m dead meat! Ruuuuuunnnnn! Come on grill¬†fit in! I’m going to die!¬†Finally, I’m safe.


Next week I’m going to see the Seattle space needle. Don’t miss out. Aaahh! I knew I never liked wolves! Aahh!


Lincolns travels Episode 4

imageI’m here guys! I’m in Italy. I know you’re probably asking “Where’s the Leaning tower of Pisa?”¬† I’m driving to it right now!


imageWow, they weren’t lying it does lean. Good no one else is here!

imageWhat a great parking spot!

imageI look like the seven little dwarfs next to this thing!

imageHey, Mom! Look at me I’m lifting it! Mom? Mom, can you see me? Never mind.

imageWhat a great view! I can see everything from up here!¬† Wait, what’s that noise?* Beep* *beep*. Did I set off the security alarm?

imageSecurity woman: Sir, get down from there! (talks into microphone) I need backup!


Next, I’m going camping in the United States! Don’t miss out!

-Kiki- wrote this whole chapter.  -Chance helped out on 1 sentence




Lincoln’s Travels Episode 2

Hey guys ready to see Farnsworth house? Come on!


Isn’t this place sweet? I can’t wait to live here for a couple days!


Almost inside. I¬†didn’t know that people could rent the Farnsworth house till I saw it last week online.¬†So, I had to ¬†book it!


Man, I had a great time! The bed was a little stiff though. Now, it’s time for me to leave.

imageTomorrow, I’m going to the airport to fly to Italy!


Lincoln’s Travels Episode One


Hi my name is Lincoln. Are you ready for adventure? If so hop in!

imageNow, today we’re going to the White House. I hope to see the president!


I have to find a parking place. Phew! Found one.   image

Oh my goodness! Their he is! Wow, I can’t believe I get to check this off my bucket list.


That was awesome!¬†¬† Tomorrow I’m going to Farnsworth house! Stay tuned!

-Chance, with help from -Kiki-