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Hey guys. I just hit 20 followers! So, thank you. I really enjoy your kind comments and support ūüôā I’ll try to get a Lincoln’s Travels out soon. 


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Lincoln’s travels Episode 6 (Extra long)

Hey guys. Sorry, I haven’t been posting Lincoln’s travels in a while. But here it is I hope you enjoy.

Hey guys. I’m on the highway going to Seattle right now. I crashed my mustang a couple weeks ago(a old woman just walked into the middle of the road. So, to avoid her I hit a tree ).¬†Anyway, I got a new car. I¬†also¬†have a¬†special¬†guest¬†with me, and that¬†is my wife named Infiniti.

img_1628She’s the lovely lady next to me. We’re on our way to a cupcake shop before we see the needle. I wish there wasn’t any traffic cause I’m starving!


Lincoln: This place looks pretty nice for being top cupcakery¬†in the country. Very colorful, don’t ya think, Infiniti?

Infiniti: Yes but not in a bad way.


Infiniti: I’m going to have a¬†caramel cupcake and vanilla chai tea, please.

Lincoln: And I will have a chocolate chip cookie and hot chocolate, please.

img_1623Lincoln: mmm. The hot chocolate is delicious.

Infiniti: So is the chai.

Baker: caramel cupcake?

Infiniti: Right here.

Baker: Chocolate chip cookie?

Lincoln: Right here.

Chef: Enjoy.

Infiniti & Lincoln: Thank you!

img_1622Infiniti: This caramel cupcake is delicious.

Lincoln: So is the chocolate chip¬†cookie. It’s time to get going, honey. We¬†have a date with the Seattle space needle.

Infiniti: Ok, babe!

img_1619Lincoln: Are you ready?

Infiniti: totally!

img_1620 Lincoln: Seattle space needle here we come.

Infiniti: Yay! I can’t wait.

Lincoln: Me neither.


Lincoln: We’re here finally.

Infiniti: I know! I can’t wait!

img_1618 Infiniti: The Seattle space needle is huge!

Lincoln: It is. How about we go on top of the Seattle space needle?

Infiniti: Is that legal?

Lincoln: Sure it is! I did it on the Leaning tower of Pisa(Remember?)

Infiniti: Ok…


Lincoln: I can see everything from up here! Even the¬†police officer who’s¬†vigorously waving!

Infiniti: Hon, I think it’s time to go down. Even though the view is magnificent!

Lincoln: Let’s take a selfie before we leave!

Infiniti: What a great idea!

img_1616Lincoln: Say ‘Cheese”.

Lincoln & Infiniti: Cheese!

Lincoln: The picture turned out great! But now it’s time to say Good bye.

Infiniti: I know. This trip has been great so far. Thanks, for bringing me with you.

Lincoln: I should be thanking you you’ve made it fun! Sorry camera crew!

Camera crew: It’s ok!

Lincoln: I really loved this trip but of course the best part is that I got to spend time with you.

Infiniti: Aww, Thank you.

Lincoln: You’re very welcome .


Next week I’m going to Big ben. See you later. What kind of new car that Lincoln got and what was that black thing ? Leave in the comments down below. Until next time.




The Sunshine Blogger Award


Hey Guys! I got nominated by Kiki from Kiki Through the Looking -Glass  So, let’s get begin.

             THE RULES!

1. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator.
2. Nominate 11 blogs.
3. Ask them 11 questions

              MY ANSWERS

1.What are you’re 3 favorite Girl names?

Mercedes, Destiny, and Grace


2.What are you allergic to? 

 I have seasonal allergies 



3. What kind of shoes do you like to wear?  

I like to wear Nike tennis shoes and Converse


4.What is your eye color?  



5. What is your style? (like with clothing and stuff).     

I like to wear polo shirts, my style is perppy



6. Who is your best blogging buddy?   

Kiki, Rae, and Skye


7.What is your favorite subject?   



8.What do you want Goty 2017 to look like? If you aren’t a AG lover then What is your favorite animal?   

A Chicken


9.What is your favorite sport.    

I love Snowboarding, and Gymnastics when the Olympics is on.


10. Describe yourself in a paragraph. 

Hi. My name is Chance. I’m a tween Lego and car blogger. When I grow up I want to be a car salesman or work for Lego¬†and I¬†want to¬†live in a camper.¬†my country in the world is Germany.

                         THE NOMINEES!

Skye from 3 Girls & Randomness

Sorry I couldn’t think of anyone else.¬† ūüė¶

                THE QUESTIONS!

  1. What’s your favorite car?
  2. What is your favorite girl of the year?
  3. What’s your Lego theme?
  4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  5. What’s your favorite drink?
  6. Ketchup or mustard?
  7. what’s your favorite season?
  8. Cats or dogs?
  9. Would you rather be super popular and mean or not popular and nice?
  10. blue or red?

That’s it for now and don’t miss out on Lincoln’s travels episode 6 coming soon.



My new Diecast car!

Hey guys! Yesterday, I got a new diecast car, and it is the¬†…………………..img_1048

New Maisto Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG. I got the car at Costco. Here is a informative photo-shoot with it.


A Ds cloth is great for cleaning a diecast car.


I unscrewed the car from the platform.

img_1029-1img_1031-1img_1030-1img_1044-1img_1033-1img_1039-1img_1034img_1040img_1036img_1037-1I absolutely love the wheels.




Well I think that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed my post. Do you like this diecast car? How did you enjoy the photo-shoot? Tell me in the comments down below!