I’m Back!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in forever 😦 I will try to write more often now and do posts that you guys would like. So, anyways I will be posting in soon (or even today 🙂 ). What do want to see in my blog?


Bye for now,                                                             img_4598


Thank you!

Hey guys. I just hit 20 followers! So, thank you. I really enjoy your kind comments and support 🙂 I’ll try to get a Lincoln’s Travels out soon. 


Ps: Happy Mother’s Day! 

This or That?

Hello guys! Today we’re playing and we’re playing another game of this or that. It’s about cars today. It’s like the same as last time but you only have to pick out cars. So let’s get started!      

   (none of these images are mine. Credit whoever owns them.)

Ford raptor or Jeep Wrangler?  

Nissan NV passenger or Mercedes sprinter passenger?    

Mercedes SL class or ford mustang? 

Infiniti Qx 60 or Ford Explorer? 

Nissan armada or Cadillac Escalade?     

Mercedes E class E300 or Chevy Malibu?     

Toyota Tacoma or Honda ridgeline?    

Volvo V 60 or Volkswagen alltrack? Only you can decide. I hope you enjoy this post from your car lover blogger.